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Informed Thinking Ltd

Supporting informed decision making for policy and practice

What we do

Research and service evaluation – using quantitative and qualitative approaches to address key questions, identify gaps and assess impact to inform decision-makers for developing policies and services.

Project management, fieldwork, analysis of small/medium project and reports, presentations and strategies based on our analysis. 

User engagement - depth interviews, focus groups, surveys and deliberative events with voluntary and statutory stakeholders, Black and Asian Minority Ethnic groups, older people, service users, mental health and service providers.

Evidence reviews to identify health and social interventions that work and best practice for delivering services to vulnerable and socially excluded groups. We review the best academic research evidence and experience from front line services providers.

Support for ongoing research projects including supervision, analysis and report writing.

Statistical analysis of data-sets using descriptive and advanced statistics. We also undertake qualitative analysis of texts, policies and documents.

Qualitative Analysis of existing texts. We can help you make sense of your qualitative data and conclude your project 

Bid writing for project funding including research and service evaluations.

Teaching - social sciences, research methods (qualitative and quantitative techniques) and conducting systematic reviews.

Training for staff and peer / service user researchers - in the use of qualitative methods and effective engagement techniques, developing surveys and analysis.